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The 910 d2 460 cc head provides slightly higher launch and spin over the. Titleist 910 d2 driver right, graphite, stiff, 9 degrees. Just a little tutorial on how to change the setting on your 910 woods. If you change the setting to a4 as a rh, you mechanically add 1. The fitting chart shows that you can adjust loft and lie angle. In my opinion this is the best driver titleist has come out with since the. Brian ussery arrived at the kingdom with a titleist 915d2 9. The stock setting is d4 for left hand as opposed to a1 for rh. The patented, innovative, surefit tour, dualangle hosel provides precise, independent loft and lie adjustments to fine tune ball flight for more accuracy and control.

So you bought an adjustable titleist driver, fairway wood or hybrid but dont know what the letters and numbers mean on the hosel. Titleist made this conscious choice, aiming to provide less of a one size fits all solution. But the trouble with that club was that it would go left unpredictably it is probably too light and the shaft is a bit longer. How to fit your titleist 910 driver with sure fit technology. For this example, lets use the 915 performance fitting chart and a righthanded 9. Dec 02, 2010 the surefit technology used on the titleist 910d2 driver means that the shaft can be removed from the head and allows the loft and lie to be independently adjusted. Watch mark hit the 910 in different settings and see how the surefit system changes the flight and direction of the shot.

Adjusting the hosel of a titleist 9 d2 driver 3balls blog. On a titleist, the highest loft settings are a3 through d4 and the lowest are. I have not messed with the adjustable settings on my driver as the a1 notch works for me. Just saw this comment and wanted to clarify for anyone looking into it, this is not accurate. But i see that adjusting the club to a more upright setting, according to the fitting chart below, creates more draw, while a flatter lie angle is more fade. I found out my driver head was cracked so i bought a new titlelist. Under clubs on the page, going down through drivers or fairways you can find the surefit chart for lh. I think that the 910 d2 and the g25 work the same for me. There was a slight improvement in forgiveness from the larger sweet areas and the optimised sound and feel at impact were excellent. The setting of the club was a1 and had very little dispersion. Dont need to be a pro like famousdavis to hit this club well. I think the 915 was just a bit longer and the m1 was probably a good ten yards longer, but the 910 d2 was in the fairway far more. Every two years like clockwork, titleist launches a new model. Its no secret that titleist have something to prove with the new 910 drivers.

To change the settings on the surefit tour hosel, you must first loosen the screw on top of the club head. Along with the adjustable hosel, titleist also redesigned the look of their drivers with the new black on black. Titleist is also an extremely strong leader in the golf ball market. Understanding how to use the performance fitting chart and its 16 settings is vital to achieving the best launch conditions and getting the most out of your titleist driver, fairway metal, or hybrid. The aftermarket surefit tour hosel adapter sleeve for titleist 915 d2 d3 driver. Look at the performance guide matrix and plug in you specs in the a1 setting, it will provide all the lie and loft information. Brett porath from titleist takes you through the process of adjusting your driver to. They introduced their new sure fit technology, an adjustable hosel that has a setting for every swing.

The titleist 910 d2 driver delivers precise and independent loft and lie adjustments to fine tune ball flight for more accuracy and control through their patented surefit tour dualangle hosel. The chart orientation is opposite, but moving up or down will still increasedecrease loft. How to adjust the titleist 915 d2 driver 3balls blog. The titleist pro v1 golf ball was used and tee height was kept constant for each shot. Our trade in service is available online and in stores. Unfollow titleist 910 d2 driver to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

Because i needed it more open c1 i ended up going down and the driver plays 8. It was also touted to have additional distance over the older 910d2. The surefit hosel allows you to adjust your loft and lie settings 16 different ways, independently going up or down by 1. The settings run from a1 to d4 with the above chart explaining what each setting does. The ability to independently adjust loft and lie allows ball flight to be optimized both high and low, and for. The custom club helped on the launch angle but cost me tons of distance, so i shopped ebay for a driver that would help solve my. One driver that i played last year was longer on good hits the xr 16. Mark crossfield tests the titleist 910 driver anf the surefit technology. The elongated head is reassuring and the club is forgiving.

Oct 24, 2007 adjusting a titleist 910 driverfairwayhybrid this much makes sense. Results from the ultimate titleist 917 driver fitting experience. I like titleist products from its prov1 line of balls to its clubs. It is a minor change, yet it makes the club look much more new and cool while keeping the traditional style that is titleist. Mar 08, 2011 im looking to replace my nike sq5900 driver with a titleist d2, i was fitted for a 910 d2 9. At the time of its debut, it was considered titleists most playable and forgiving driver along with the tourlevel 9d3. Watch mark hit the 910 in different settings and see how the surefit. Sep 03, 2018 by team titleist on september 22, tour clubs following months of successful player titleist settings chart 910 and performance validation on the worldwide professional toursthe new titleist drivers, featuring the innovative surefit tour dualangle hosel, will be available to golfers in midnovember. Titleist driver settings the golf shop online blog.

Titleist settings chart 910 drivers drivers from core zeam. We found both the 910 d2 and 910 d3 drivers to be every bit as good as the previous 909 versions. Buy the titleist 910d2 driver from 2nd swing and get a great deal when you trade in your used clubs for credit applied towards your purchase. Does this assume that the golfers correct neutral setting is the exact lie angle that the club has when set to the neutral ie. Titleist, along with pinnacle, and footjoy brands, together comprise acushnet company, which is an operating company of fila korea, ltd. I play a 910d2 and had it in a3 last season but have now moved it to a2 to get the ball flight and spin down. I have a feeling that my 2011 driver rotation will include the 910 d3 often. Many changes include the ability to adjust face and. The 910 d2 also conveys longer distances through a technologically advanced head design with a responsive, fast face insert that creates a ballspeed. The 43yearold was aware of the fact that his lowlaunching, highspinning drives were costing him distance, but he wasnt sure how to improve. Feb 08, 2012 how to fit your titleist 910 driver with sure fit technology. General questions about the titleist 910 d2 golfwrx. Titleist will also offer over 80 exotic shafts if a player doesnt fit into one of these options.

How to change the setting on the 910 woods youtube. Oct 01, 2010 already the titleist 910 d3 driver with a 445cc head is in play with many players on the pga and european tours and in this weeks ryder cup. Sure fit technology allows you to adjust not only face angle, but loft as well. You may like instruction use this popular training aid to improve your swing plane gear. Titleist does it again and offers one of the best drivers on the market. The ability to independently adjust loft and lie allows ball flight to be optimized both high and low, and for more fade or draw. Im looking to replace my nike sq5900 driver with a titleist d2, i was fitted for a 910 d2 9. The titleist 9 d2 driver does come with an adjustable hosel. Dec 04, 2019 the titleist 917 driver and fairway woods are complete with the surefit hosel technology, that many of us will know, this featured in the 915 range. Testing the 16 settings of the titleist surefit hosel. The centre of gravity has been lowered to reduce the spin on the ball and it is now the same launch and spin as the d3 version. Ts, 917, 915 and 9 fairway shafts are interchangeable. Sure fit technology makes this driver a viable option to any golfer. When you add loft, the ground contact point shifts back and when the driver is soled, the face angle closes the face angle only changes if you sole the driver.

A few years ago you would have been hard pressed to find any lower handicapper or pro playing something other than a 905 but the woeful performance of the 907 and increasingly impressive offerings from the likes of taylormade and callaway saw them slip from the pinnacle of driver manufacturers. According to titleist vp of marketing chris mcginley, the new 9 driver adds more length over the older 910 driver. Even though im usually a high ball hitter i suspect a 10. The titliest 910d2 is one of the more common adjustable drivers. I still own a 905t, and it still holds up very well against many of the newer drivers on the market today. For best results, see an authorized titleist fitter. The surefit technology used on the titleist 910d2 driver means that the shaft can be removed from the head and allows the loft and lie to be independently adjusted. The titleist 915 driver features a whole manner of adjustable technology. However the main difference between the two models is that the d2 has a 460cc head which will offer a little bit more forgiveness and a little draw. The titleist 910 d2 driver has a cast titanium head that features a forged titanium face insert that has a thicker central portion equidistant from all points around the face perimeter.

Had been playing the titleist 905r since 2006 and was starting to think that nothing would ever replace it. The 910d2 promotes a higher shot with slightly more spin than the d3 version for players that need a little extra carry distance off the tee. If i adjust my driver from the a1stock position driver loft at number printed on head and face open 12 degree, lie angle 58. Titleist 910d2 drivers, released in 2010, feature a 460cc fullpear shaped head designed for maximum playability and forgiveness, promoting a straighter ball flight with higher launch and lowtomid spin. I had the custom driver made for me because i couldnt get an acceptable launch angle with the r7 i had been using.

Compared to the 909 d3 driver, the titleist 910 d3 has a 10% larger sweet spot. In the 910 series, titleist introduced a few new things to the golfing world. Launch angle isnt really any lower, but spin is lower for sure. Search the web for the 910 d2s settings in images also attached. The new 910d2 and 910d3 are not only the highest performing drivers in the history of the titleist golf club franchise, but represent a true competitive advantage in driver performance and fitting. The m1 440 is definitely lower spin than the m1 460 or m2 from last year. Aug 31, 2012 the titleist 9 d2 driver is a good improvement on the 910 version.

Titleist reveals 910d2460cc adjustable driver golfmagic. Rated 5 out of 5 by tony from bassara shaft, sure fit, 910 d2 exellent 910 d2 12 degree easy to hit less side spin up and down soft for older with less speed bassara shaft regular was perfect match with mine, just for fun at tee at hole feels good with 910 d2 every time i tee off. The 910 d2 is a significant improvement in consistency. This club was the first driver to include the surefit customisation settings. Help with 915 driver setting golf clubs team titleist. Ts, 917, 915, 9 and 910 driver shafts are interchangeable. Now a titleist 910 d2 version, with a larger, 460cc. Take this for what it is, one guys opinion, but titleist has been lost in the driver doldrums the last several years. But keep in mind, its not fully adjustable like offerings from callaway or taylormade. Included in the purchase of a titleist 917 you will be issued. Mark crossfield hits the titleist 910 d2 driver with its sure fit. By golfspy studque, july 29, 2017 in general equipment talk. Cant wait to see how it performs when it gets over 60.

The 917 adapter is precision milled to exact tolerances and allow loft and lie angles to be set independently to optimize your preferred ball flight. This is of course all my opinion and opinions vary. In the d2 this increases the sweet spot by 15% compared to the 909 d2 driver. However, the settings on your golf club must not be adjusted during a round of golf. The cali and titleist both were close in performance. Gegenuber dem 910d3 liefern sie einen hoheren ballstart mit mittlerem bis geringen spin. Titleist is well represented on the pga tour as well as most international competitive tours. I finally settled with c4 setting on the driver and the most of the time, i play with a slight fade with carry of about 250 yards.

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