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Mechanical properties of concrete and steel reinforced concrete rc, also called rcc for reinforced cement concrete is a widely used construction material in many parts the world. Its utility and verstatility is achieved by combining the best features of concrete and steel. Due to the ready availability of its constituent materials, the strength and economy it provides and the. Aggregates aggregates generally occupy 65 80% of a concrete s volume. Mechanical properties of both concrete incorporating metakaolin and controlled concrete. The applications of fibers in concrete industries dependonthe designer and builder in taking advantage ofthe static and dynamic characteristics ofthis new material. The fundamental properties of building materials include. Field testing a open the bag and take a good look at the cement. Ef 57,000 c concrete material properties effect of voids in concrete on modulus of elasticity, compressive strength, and flexural strength civl 1101 introduction to concrete 510. The method used in the determinations for marble was the same as had been used for concrete. Properties of concrete portland cement association.

Mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced concrete. Mechanical properties of graphenereinforced reactive. About four tons of concrete are produced per person per year worldwide and about 1. Rashid, debashis mallick and tozammel haque department of civil engineering, khulna university of engineering and technology, khulna, bangladesh email.

The anova of the regression models table 5b quantifies the quality of the regressions using the. Home concrete technology concrete properties 10 properties of concrete and their uses. From 411 literature on fillers concluded that physical and mechanical characteristics of composites can be modified by adding a filler phase to the matrix body during the composite preparation. Due to the ready availability of its constituent materials, the strength and economy it provides. Unsuitable choice of cement in construction work involving use of concrete can affect the integrity of the construction. To test the physicalmechanical properties of concrete with. In order to improve attempt has been made to study the effect of these materials on ordinary portland cement concrete. Many structures that were constructed in india during the construction boom of the 1970s are now required of either major repairs or possible replacement. The mechanical properties measured in other places cannot be directly applicable to hong kong. The available literature identifies that the addition of mineral admixture as partial replacement of cement improves the microstructure of the concrete i.

We will learn how each properties affect the construction materials. Right selection of materials can be made for a construction activity only when material properties are fully understood. The methodology to develop such mix has been explained. Therefore, mixes are designed on an empirical basis, often with the help of trial mixes. Mix proportions and mechanical properties of concrete. Reinforced concrete is a strong durable building material that can be formed into many varied shapes and sizes ranging from a simple rectangular column, to a slender curved dome or shell. Itwas shown that for thesamelengthanddiameter,crimpedendfibers can achievethesamepropertiesas straight fibers using 40 percent less fiberss. Properties of concrete an overview sciencedirect topics. Chapter 1 properties of reinforced concrete free download as powerpoint presentation.

The strength of aggregates do not contribute to the strength of concrete for low strength concrete. Abstract because of high constructional activities, use of concrete is very extensive and its ingredients, i. Concrete is a mixture of portland cement, water, aggregates, and in some cases, admixtures. Materials scientists learn about these mechanical properties by testing materials. The term concrete refers to a mixture of aggregates, usually sand.

It is mainly the aggregate that provide strength to concrete especially coarse aggregates which act just like bones in the body. Mechanical engineers calculate those forces and material scientists how materials deform elongate, compress, twist or break as a function of applied load, time, temperature, and other conditions. Name of test service standard procedure 1 pulloutbond strength of concrete is. Mar 04, 2016 compressive strength of concrete is the most important properties of concrete the characteristic strength that is concrete grade is measured by 28day cylindercube strength. The data show that, concrete incorporating metakaolin gives better outcomes for all aforementioned properties compare with those of controlled concrete. Electrical properties and compressive strength of concrete with scms and coirs international journal of advanced technology in civil engineering, issn. Effects of aggregate types on thermal properties of concrete milon k. Aggregates generally occupy 65 80% of a concretes volume. Concrete basicsaddresses the needs of unskilled and semiskilled persons undertaking general concreting projects including home and handyman projects. Rc properties are also investigated by this way elchalakani, 2015. Properties of materials for reinforced concrete masonry walls. Mar 23, 2015 this presentation is for the structural properties of concrete.

Physical properties and mechanical properties lecture no. The use of larger maximum size aggregates msa in concrete mixtures can increase the load transfer efficiency across aggregate interlock joints if small crack widths are achieved. Cement manufacture is energy intensive and contributes a considerable amount of co 2 emissions into the atmosphere. In the decade, buildings around the world have become higher and so the structural strength demand for concrete is increased, they require high strength. Physical mechanical properties of the samples were analysed by comparing with reference samples where typical aggregates.

The strength of aggregates do not contribute to the strength of. Properties of fresh concrete university of washington. It is gaining increased popularity as a new construction material due to its high compressive, tensile and flexural strengths, short curing time, impact resistance, chemical resistance and freezethaw durability. Effect of recycled aggregates on mechanical properties of. This is causing cracks at the boundary between aggregates and cement. All concrete mixtures were mixed for 5 min in a laboratory pan mixer. Nemati winter quarter 2015 1 concrete technology properties of fresh concrete cm 425 concrete technology 2 properties of fresh concrete introduction the potential strength and durability of concrete of a given mix proportion is very dependent on the degree of its compaction. The chemical characterization of the crushed clay brick and cement was conducted via xray fluorescence xrf. Compressive strength of concrete is the most important properties of concrete the characteristic strength that is concrete grade is measured by 28day cylindercube strength. Mechanical characteristics of hardened concrete with.

We investigate the mix proportions and properties of concrete containing very highvolume of class f fly ash hvfa. It controls the longterm behavior, influence fc ultimate strength, ec elastic modulus, creep, and durability. If 5 pcf of this is allowed for the steel and w is taken as 145 pcf then. The aim of research is the use of alkaliresistant macro glass fibers as concrete reinforcement in structural elements as an alternative. The aim of this experimental study is to investigate the effects of steel and polypropylene. Pdf evaluation of mechanical properties of concrete researchgate. It is necessary for an engineer to be conversant with the properties of engineering materials. Influential factors on deicing performance of electrically conductive concrete pavement.

Pdf mechanical properties of hybrid steelpva fibers. Mechanical characteristics of hardened concrete with different. As concrete hardens, its gross volume remains almost unchanged, but hardened concrete contains pores filled with water and air that have no strength. Mechanical properties of highstrength concrete hsc can be divided in two groups as shortterm mechanical properties and longterm mechanical properties. Mechanical properties of seashell concrete sciencedirect. The tested properties of the concrete included slump, air content, unit weight, and setting time according to astm c143, c231, c8, and c403,, respectively. Pdf mechanical properties of concrete containing corn.

The incorporation of filler in composite is to improve mechanical and tribological properties. Ratio of these materials control the various concrete properties which are discussed below. Aggregates are inert fillers floating in the cement paste matrix for concretes of low strength. This paper investigates the effects of steel fiber content and coarse aggregate size on the mechanical properties of highstrength concrete with a specified compressive strength value of 60 mpa. Typically, properties of lightweight concrete have been compared with those of. Mechanical properties of hardened high strength concrete. Pdf evaluation of mechanical properties of concrete. Some of the most important properties of building materials are grouped as follows. Recommendations are made for appropriate geotechnical engineering properties for the use of lightweight cellular concrete materials in earthretaining structures. Mechanical properties of lightweight cellular concrete for. Physical properties of aggregates 20 what affect does faa have on performance. Table 2 displays the compressive strength of mixes with cement replacement of 2, 4, 6, and 8% by weight. Finally, the reinforcing mechanisms of graphene on rpc were understood, and the dynamic compression constitutive of rpc was established, which provided a theoretical basis for understanding the dynamic mechanical properties and behaviors of this concrete. The material attributes are understood by studying the stress strain behaviour of uhpc.

The properties of concrete as a material and the principles governing them. If the paste has higher binding strength, higher will be strength of concrete. Nemati winter quarter 2015 2 cm 425 concrete technology 3 properties of fresh concrete the first 48 hours are very important for the performance of the concrete structure. Properties of concrete are influenced by many factors mainly due to mix proportion of cement, sand, aggregates and water. Concrete block manufacturers now produce concrete blocks in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes that architects utilize to great effect, depending on the building design. The cement and water form a paste that hardens and bonds the aggregates together. Properties and applications offiber reinforced concrete. This chapter covers some of the physical properties of lightweight concrete. Properties of materials for reinforced concrete masonry walls construction reinforced concrete masonry wall is constructed by assembling of masonry units for example concrete block or bricks, mortars, reinforcing, and sometimes grout that is a kind of soupy concrete. In general, silica fume, fly ash, and metakaolin are used as supplementary cementitious materials scms in. The important mechanical properties of building materials are strength,tensile,compressive,bending,elasticity and plasticity.

Introduction to concrete portland cement association. Rough and angular aggregate provides better bonding and. Also due to new construction for better economic growth, tructures are s. Concrete is one of the necessary elements for structural work in the modern construction.

Influence of setting of electrical conductive concrete heating. Standard cylinder 150x300 mm or 150x100 cube with aggregate size of which is not exceeding 25mm is used to determine the strength. What is concrete and what are the properties of concrete. It is mainly due to the binding properties of cement that the ingredients are compacted together. Pdf mechanical properties of concrete with steel and. Concrete material properties the weight density of reinforced concrete using normal aggregates is about 150 lbft3 pcf. Mechanical properties of concrete pavement mixtur es with. Effect of waste tyre rubber on mechanical and durability. In the scientific literature, the physical properties and mechanical performance of recycled aggregate concrete rac were already extensively compared with those of concrete made with natural aggregates nacs and analysed in respect to the quantity and quality of the recycled constituents utilised in the concrete mixes. Chapter 1 components of concrete concrete is made up of two components, aggregates and paste. Mechanical properties of high strength ecoconcrete.

Although there are other kinds of cement, the word cement, in common usage, refers to portland cement. Effect of recycled aggregates on mechanical properties of concrete. Physical properties and mechanical behaviour of concrete made. Data about using plastic as aggregate were provided only for some of properties, several important properties such as.

The uniform dispersion offibers throughout the concrete mix provides isotropic properties not common to conventionally reinforced concrete. A discussion on shortterm mechanical properties of concrete which includes, compressive strength, stressstrain behavior. Pdf mechanical properties of concrete pavement mixtures. Polymer concrete is reported to have better mechanical properties than its counterpart, ordinary portland cement opc concrete.

The effects of nuclear radiation on the mechanical. The results indicated that the addition of different content and lengths of steel fibers with increasing watertocement ratios caused significant change in the mechanical properties of concrete. On the other hand, compressive strength of concrete depends on physical and mechanical properties of these materials which have some superiority over rubber. Physical properties and types of cement lecture no. A research program is conducted to evaluate the mechanical properties of ultra high performance concrete, target compressive strength at the age of 28 days being more than 150 mpa. Since part of the cement andor aggregates is replaced by rubber particles, their volumes will reduce accordingly. Properties of concrete while cement in one form or another has been around for centuries, the type we use was invented in 1824 in britain. The paste is composed of cement, water, and entrained air and ordinarily constitutes 20 to 40 percent of the total volume. Mechanical properties of concrete using recycled plastic. The material properties, mix design and curing regime are determined.

Part a desirable concrete properties basic consideration concrete composition concrete is a mixture of aggregate and often controlled amounts of entrained air held together by a hardened paste made from cement and water. But compressive strength of concrete is the most important characteristic and it is generally assumed that an improvement in concrete compressive strength will improve its mechanical properties. Pdf this paper investigates the impact of prewashed aggregates, and pozzolanic cement replacements on the limit strengths and elastic. Faa and restricted zone used to limit the amount of rounded natural sands national rutting study initiated in 1987 by ncat evaluated 42 pavements in 14 states. The information is based on many laboratory studies and records of a large number of existing structures that have provided satisfactory service for more than 85 years.

Pdf mechanical properties of highperformance concrete. The fresh concrete properties were recorded for each batch. Modification of concrete properties by the addition of some mineral additive material is a popular method in concrete research. It is well known that polymer concr ete exhibits far better. Quantitative properties may be used as a metric by which the benefits of one material versus another can be assessed, thereby helping in materials selection.

Mechanical properties of polymer concrete with different. The wedge split fracture energy test better differentiated the mechanical properties between concrete mixes that contained varying aggregate types and sizes compared with the compressive strength. Performance of concrete is evaluated from mechanical properties which include shrinkage and creep, compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, and. Properties and applications offiber reinforced concrete 51 high aspect ratio were found to have improved effectiveness. This work is made available under the terms of the creative commons. Pdf mechanical properties of concrete and steel make.

Researchers conducted an experimental program to investigate production techniques and mechanical properties of highstrength concrete and to provide recommendations for using these concretes in manufacturing precastprestressed bridge girders. The characteristics of aggregates impact performance of fresh and hardened concrete. Mechanical properties of highstrength concrete manish kumar. In recognition of its importance, many researchers have attempted to investigate the effect of elevated temperature on mechanical properties of concrete. In reality, scc is a combination of both approaches that has enabled to push the boundaries of concrete technology to a new area. Electrical properties and compressive strength of concrete. Concrete mixes with 75% fraction of coarse aggregate obtained from marble mining waste and 25% with conventional coarse aggregate were designed by particle packing density approach. Mechanical properties of concrete pavement mixtures with larger size coarse aggregate. Perhapsthemostnatural test of amaterials mechanical properties is the tensiontest,in which astriporcylinderofthematerial,havinglengthlandcrosssectionalareaa,isanchoredatone end and subjected to an axial load p a load acting along the specimens long axis at the other. Mechanical properties of sustainable concrete incorporating. Transport properties of concrete peter claisse coventry university, coventry cv1 5fb uk peter claisse graduated with a degree in physics from oxford university and then spent the next 9 years working as a civil engineer on major uk construction sites including 4 years on the torness nuclear power station. Impact of fire on mechanical properties of concrete. A rational mix design method was proposed for the very hvfa concrete.

The objective of the mix design is to assure that the product has speci. The variations in mechanical properties of concrete exposed to real standard fire. The effects of nuclear radiation on the mechanical properties of concrete by h. Properties of hardened concrete strength, sjrinkage. Reinforced concrete rc, also called rcc for reinforced cement concrete is a widely used construction material in many parts the world. The mix was used for further investigation on mechanical properties of seashell concrete. Properties of concrete concrete is an artificial conglomerate stone made essentially of portland cement, water, and aggregates. Neutron radiation with a fluence of rrore than 1 x 1o 19 ncm. Introduction to concrete concretess versatility, durability, sustainability, and economy have made it the worldss most widely used construction material. It was named portland cement because it looked like the. The aesthetic properties of concrete blocks, once utilitarian and gray, have become more important. Pdf mechanical properties of ultra high performance. Concrete is the most widely used construction material in. Mechanical properties of highperformance concrete reinforced with basalt fibers.

This is followed by descriptions of methods for mix proportioning. Several methods exist for the mix design of scc, as explained in 3. In this study, corn cob ash cca was used as the blending agent with cement in concrete. Cements composition, types finish up cement manufacture properties of component phases types of cements chapter 2 properties of concrete neville chapter 6 concrete. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The mechanical properties of concrete are dependent on many factors, such as the characteristics of the raw materials used, the curing conditions and the local concrete practice, which may vary from place to place. Chapter 1 properties of reinforced concrete strength of. The proposed optimum mixture was the mixture with ground seashell content of 4% with has the highest strength of 32. Concrete basicsaims to provide a clear, concise explanation of all aspects of making quality concrete.

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