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The tokwe mukorsi dam is a concreteface rockfill dam on the tokwe river, just downstream. Stakeholder coordination in the tokwe mukosi disaster response. Analysis of vulnerability to flood disaster in kano state, nigeria aliyu baba nabegu department of geography, kano university of science and technology, wudil. The purpose of this paper is to examine vulnerability conditions to flood disasters in tokwemukorsi community, zimbabwe and identifies the barriers that constrained the community from relocating to safe sites. Tokwemukorsi victims lose hope of rebuilding the tokwemukorsi flood victims camped at chingwizi transit camp in nuanetsi ranch in the lowveld are facing a host of problems. It is 75km south of masvingo and access to the site is via ngundu triangle road. It is believed it would take at least five years for the tokwe mukosi dam to fill up to capacity. The plight of zimbabwes tokwemukorsi flood victims a woman stands in front of a pile of her household property at chingwizi transit camp, which the government forcibly shut down in august 2014. By ratifying the convention, zimbabwe became obliged to follow the stipulations of the convention which include protecting and assisting idps, as highlighted in article 5 1 which says states bear primary duty and responsibility for providing protection and assistance to. Housemates makosi and craig returned to big brother in 2009 as part of a retrospective week of that series, involving tasks from all previous series of big brother.

This dam type comprises a rockfill embankment, with a concrete slab on the upstream face to create the impermeable barrier. The aftermath of zimbabwes tokwemukorsi dam disaster. This collage shows cattle stuck in mud following heavy floods in the tokwemukosi dam flood basin. This will assist in raising awareness and letting people know. The release of money towards the construction of tokwemukosi dam is over and above other community development projects tongaat is involved in. George maponga in chivi tokwemukosi dam has so far collected nearly one billion cubic metres of water, enough to irrigate over 17 000 hectares, amid calls for government to speedily set up irrigation schemes in southern masvingo.

Advise parliamentarians on the plan of action to achieve humanitarian intervention in the most amicable way possible, even suggesting better strategies than were actually employed and how you could have done things differently. The disaster was as a result of the heavy rains in late january and early february as well as the partial collapse of the tokwe mukosi dam wall which resulted in flooding in the tokwe mukosi area. There was little sign of that preparedness as disaster unfolded due to. From ngundu, one travels about 16 km towards triangle and then turns left to reach the.

The plight of zimbabwes tokwemukorsi flood victims. Therefore there should be the establishment of civil protection. Progress was slow while costs escalated mainly due to corrupt financial greed that had to be satisfied first. Government fails to compensate tokwemkosi flood victims. Please use this page to share information about the tokwe mukosi disaster. The decision by the government of zimbabwe to relocate families after a dam flooding disaster at tokwe was met with criticism as the move worsened the situation of most relocated families who claim that the government disregarded their needs. Tokwe mukosi disaster which was declared by the president of zimbabwe to be a national disaster. Nongovernmental organisations, challenges, disasterinduced relocations, chingwizi, zimbabwe. Partially collapsed tokwemukosi dam in pictures nehanda. Thus, though there were donations of sanitary pads by individuals like makosi musambasi.

Disasters in the form of flooding continuously contribute to loss in human. The tokwemukosi dam construction project has taken ages to complete. The tokwe mukorsi dam is a concreteface rockfill dam on the tokwe river, just downstream of its confluence with the mukorsi river, about 72 km 45 mi south of masvingo in masvingo province, zimbabwe. In this blog post, amod gives us insight into his experience as a standup comedian, the lessons learned, and how improv classes can help with your. The impact of disasters is now known to be devastating basing on the tokwe. A national disaster was declared by the president on the 9th of february in order to mobilise more resources to assist affected families. State of disaster declared in masvingo province of. The spatiotemporal variation of the 2014 tokwemukosi floods. The concrete face slab is generally constructed after the rockfill embankment is complete, or is at least well in advance. Salini impregilo 2016 click to view map of tokwemukorsi dam and nuanetsi ranch credits. Community action and partnerships with local government have not been central, not just to speedup and reduce risk but also in responding to impact and shaping recovery in ways that can strengthen local livelihoods and quality of life. Lingering hardships after tokwe mukosi floods dailynews live. Human rights lawyers are hereby invited to take up a class action, not only on the chingwizi camp disaster, but on all pieces of. Moreover, the rivers tokwe and mukosi have also enhanced community migration through the construction of tokwemukosi dam.

Rapid assessment report for tokwe mukosi emergency country. Zimbabwe tokwemukorsi flood victims suffer human rights. It featured several former big brother contestants in cameo roles, including eugene sully, kinga karolczak, makosi musambasi and saskia howardclarke from big brother 6. Analysis of vulnerability to flood disaster in kano. Tokwemkosi disaster relived the herald herald zimbabwes. Tokwe mukosi dam is also poised to become a major tourist attraction owing to the dams sheer size and topography. These are children of villagers who were forcibly evicted from their homesteads in the tokwe mukorsi flood basin and left exposed to the vagaries of weather at muzvidziwa bus stop, about 85km along the masvingobeitbridge highway. Makosis monthly blog is highlighting amod vaze who has been with us for almost a year. The untold story of tokwe mukosi march 24, 2014 in news untold human suffering and congestion at chingwizi transit camp could have been avoided if government had not carried out a wholesale eviction of people living near tokwemukosi dam project. Research from the tokwe mukosi disasters shows that there is poor.

Therefore there should be the establishment of civil protection committees at community level to national level with clear terms of reference to improve the response rate, when disasters strike. Tokwe mukosi floods a call to action zimbabwe reliefweb. In masvingo, the partially completed tokwemukosi dam unexpectedly and. A report from human rights watch claims that the zimbabwe government has used violence, harassment, and the deliberate restriction of humanitarian aid to coerce an estimated 20,000 flood victims to resettle on tiny land plots where the government plans to establish a sugar cane plantation the 20,000 flood victims were forced from their homes after the flooding in the tokwemukorsi dam. Business reporter the update on feasibility study of the proposed tokwe mukosi irrigation scheme, has been completed and now awaits input from government, officials have said. Construction of tokwemukosi dam in zimbabwe near completion. Efast is managed by the actionaid international humanitarian action and resilience team ihart as. George maponga masvingo bureau it was anguish, grief and sorrow as flooding rendered tokwemukosi villagers homeless and. Construction on the dam began in june 1998 but stalled in 2008. The plight of zimbabwes tokwemukorsi flood victims hrw.

In ancient times traditional leadership was considered a refuge in terms of disasters. Flood vulnerability and relocation readiness in zimbabwe. Thousands of people have been evacuated after torrential rains caused the partial collapse of the tokwemukosi dam, currently under. The tokwemukorsi dam project was intended to be the solution for the irrigation and electricity issues surrounding the communities of masvingo province in. Human rights watch, 2015 click to view a woman stands in front of a pile of her household property at chingwizi transit camp, which the. Food production in region cannot be sustained by rain. Tokwe mukosi dam is located at the confluence of the tokwe and mukosi rivers, and the dam straddles the boundary of chivi and masvingo south districts in masvingo province. The information on tokwe mukosi flood disaster lessons learned was gathered through a guided field tour, presentations by key stakeholders involved. The events that followed the tokwe mukosi floods and the resultant displacements have been subjected to a multiplicity of analysis. You are going to masvingo today to do a rapid assessment on the tokwemukosi floods disaster. Pdf the spatiotemporal variation of the 2014 tokwe. The impact of disasters is now known to be devastating basing on the tokwe mukosi disaster.

He is currently on assignment at deutsche bank working as a business analyst. Digital journal has been following closely events surrounding the tokwe mukorsi dam in the. Tokwemukosi dam is a concrete faced rockfill, or cfrd. Giving birth in exile after tokwemukosi disaster the flashes of cameras momentarily blind veronica chambwera and her onedayold baby, who is squirming in the suffocating heat. This will assist in raising awareness and letting people know how. Award winning journalist and itv news africa producer hopewell rugohochinono looks at zimbabwes tokwi mukosi flood disaster. Disaster preparedness and management mechanisms in zimbabwe. Traditional leadership and the tokwemukosi induced displacements. Tokwe mukosi manmadedisaster cannot just be wished away. Tokwemukosi dam is situated at the confluence of tokwe and mukosi rivers in chivi south district, masvingo province. The discovery of the dam was done way back by the colonial government as a result of the good catchment area offered by the intersection of these two rivers. The analysis has led to the emergency of an assortment of narratives ranging from the livelihoods perspective, internal displacement perspective, conspiracy perspective, political perspective and the legal perspective. Umesh raj international journal of research ijr page 2. The tokwe mukorsi dam is a concreteface rockfill dam on the tokwe river, just downstream of its confluence with the mukorsi river, about 72 kilometres 45 mi south of masvingo in masvingo province, zimbabwe.

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