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I played it briefly and it sounds good but i didnt get to turn it up very loud. Hi there, could someone please explain what is the difference between a 68 custom twin reverb which has a straight blue writing in front on the top ri. Lightweight fender twin reverb telecaster guitar forum. The fender twin series is an all tube amp with two 12 speakers and noted for its clean tone. Premium recap kits for your blackface or silverface fender twin reverb amplifier. Buy your fender 68 custom princeton reverb tube guitar combo amplifier from sam ash and receive the guaranteed lowest price. The fender65 twin reverb is an 85 watt guitar amp that adds a great ambience to your guitar sound. Nov 25, 2014 im trying to nail down some new speakers for my blackfaced vintage 70s fender twin after discovering the stock speakers had been blown at some point. Fender 68 custom twin reverb alltube combo amplifier at a glance. It shares the same chassis with the silverface twin reverb. Nov 10, 2011 fender twin reverb 5w silverface schematic. The regular twin reverb ris usually black are made in the usa and the silverface twin reverb is made mexico. With only the one pair of 6l6 output tubes, this will urn your twin.

Aside from the fact that the speaker is already a lower wattage than the am. Replacement speakers for vintage silverface fender twin. I have an old silverface deluxe reverb which has the original oxford speaker and after some tests im still looking for the best speaker for it i have made some littles mods to get a nice a breakup tone sooner in order to take perfectly my ts or my fuzzface and get a srvsayce kind of tone with my strat. Fender 68 custom twin reverb 2x12 85watt tube combo amp. I approached ted weber to ask for his opinion on the best speaker upgrade for the deluxe reverb reissue. I have the opportunity to purchase a 1978 i believe 5 watt fender twin reverb. The 47 ohm nfb tail resistor was used in amps with 8 ohm outputs and the 100 ohm resistor was used to compensate for the lower voltage put out by 4 and 2 ohm power transformer secondaries. Service this is a later 1978 ultralinear ul 5w silverface fender twin reverb that has extensive servicing and mods done before me. The only indication of power is the 300 watts label on the back. Save silverface deluxe reverb to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. It happened suddenly, the amp sitting in my studio. Power 85w speakers 2x12 channels, normal snd vibrato toner controls, reverb, speed, intensity, master volume bright switch on each channel reverb used product. The fender twin reverb is considered a standard model for players seeking a clean sound, and it is especially known for the quality of its builtin spring reverb. The celestions actually sound pretty good but i want to get closer to the authentic fender sound so i want to replace them.

This amplifier is great for surf and country, as well as being wellknown as a pedal platform. This 1973 americanmade reverb has been in my family since it was made and it sounds as great as ever. Go with californias if you want a jbl vibe, go with chicagos if you want a jensen vibe. I can remember terrible ted with multiple twins on top of multiple dual showman cabs, because well, a mans just gotta be heard. Fender twin reverb 1973 silverface with black grillcloth. Fender twin reverb is one of the most highly used and recognizable fender amps ever created. I recently acquired a deluxe reverb reissue that has an alnico blue speaker in it, which does not work well at all for jazz. It has a great clean usable tone that is great for pretty much any kind of music.

The twin now had an onboard spring reverb tank and was renamed the twin reverb. There is a guy in my area selling one, and i was thinking about getting the new fender 65 reissue, but im guessing the vintage one would sound a lot better. Together this makes the pro reverb break up significantly around the usual volume level 4, while the twin reverb is clean almost all the way up. A guy named gagliano has a list of chassis serial numbers and advice on how to date the amp beyond just chassis number. I saw in another thread that the 005379 is fenders in house part number. With the negative feedback wiring of a twin reverb youre just not going to get massive overdrive. Featured with four 6l6 groove tube output tunes, four 12ax7 and two 12at7 preamp tubes, this fender guitar amp produces warm and realistic sound. This listing is for a full replacement set of premium electrolytic capacitors for your fender twin reverb, quad reverb, dual showman reverb or super six reverb amplifier. Is anybody familiar with the fender twin reverb original silverface from 1973 with the master volume. Twin reverb blackface mod kit for vintage fender silverface. Hard to beat the powerful, clear sound of fenders classic twin amps. Aug 08, 2014 the team at weber have been producing various vintage and original speaker designs for years. This combination will totally take you to the tone and feel of a 40watt blackface pro reverb.

For a 100w twin, your best bet would be a pair of weber high power series speakers. Fender made a limitededition mini twin practice amplifier modeled after the mid70s twin reverb models in 1996. The best replacement speaker upgrade for a fender twin reverb. The silverface edition mt10 had the authentic look right down to the grillcloth. The loudest of the companys original line of amps 85w from 68 to 72 and 100w onward, this model was designed from the ground up with hefty 6l6 tubes to. In trying to figure out what would make the best amp head the obvious choices aside from destroying a perfectly good twin are a blackface showman, where i have to give up my fender reverb, or a silverface dual showman reverb. Cranked 1975 fender silverface twin reverb push pull master volume emilnence legend speakers iphone 7 camera rode k2 room mic srv fender strat. Classic looks and design two amps in one hotrodded sound and response. This is not a light amp even with the normal oxford speakers and with the jbls it is ungodly heavy you will get a workout hauling it around. Fender created the alltube 68 custom twin reverb combo amp as a tribute to the late60s silverface amps. If you wanted to sound like the dead back in the day, that was the amp to have.

Crystalline, versatile, and packed to the gills with punch, the vintage fender twin reverb silverface combo is an affordable, occasionally overlooked gem in the companys vintage roster. I have one of the earliest silverface dual showman reverbs a 68 drip edge which is rated at 85w. Cranked 1975 fender silverface twin reverb youtube. Cranked 1975 fender silverface twin reverb cranked 1975 fender silverface twin reverb push pull master volume emilnence legend speakers iphone 7 camera rode k2. My 1970s silverface fender twin reverb amp powers up tubes glow orange but i get no sound or hum through any of the channels. Unless youre playing metal or drop tuning hard rock music in this amplifier will work and pretty much any circumstance. For an openback combo i dont believe that it is technically necessary to have a large heavy wood or plywood or mdf or particleboard cabinet to contain the speakers. I know the showman and the twin are the same circuit but ive heard the showman lacks some of the character of a twin.

Silverface amps use an 820 ohm nfb resistor with either a 47 or 100 ohm nfb tail resistor. Unfollow fender silverface to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Imo as far as twin reverbs goes, from 72 to 76 are the best twin reverbs. Early silverface twins, and showman amps were nominally rated at 85 watts, rather than 100w. They are not only the producers of speakers for amplifier enthusiasts, but they also manufacture speakers for oem use as well. I recently picked up a silverface twin reverb and at some point the speakers have been changed to 80 watt celestions. Ive been thinking that a lightweight enclosure can be developed that can hold a fender blackface or silverface twin reverb chassis.

Jun 27, 2017 cranked 1975 fender silverface twin reverb push pull master volume emilnence legend speakers iphone 7 camera rode k2 room mic srv fender strat. You will truly be amazed at how much better your silverface fender will sound after completing the blackface mod. The speakers will add in a nice early compression akin to tuberectifier sag, and sound vintage in a smokeywoody way. Silverface amps include the deluxe reverb, twin reverb, super reverb, pro, bandmaster reverb, bassman, princeton, princeton reverb, champ, vibro champ, showman and vibrolux reverb. Fender 68 custom princeton reverb tube guitar combo. We have observed that the jensens are considered as very good speakers both tonewise and in terms of robustness. Mar 26, 2018 the twin amps second channel is a paintpeeling, eardrums bleeding gain channel that i actually liked a lot, rather than the vibrato tremolo channel on the twin reverb. Even at its best, this 1970 amp was only second banana on a good day to the blackfaces in a collectors eyes.

The super reverb is from 1982, the last year of of the original run, so its older than the twin, but its a super reverb 410, and some serious players have made serious. Ive never once had that expectation of a twin reverb. Twin reverbs produced between late 1980 and 1982 have a black control panel and. Fender forums view topic fender twin reverb 5w silverface. Apparently fender made these in large lots and put them in bins and techs just grabbed any one and used them so a chassis could have sat around for a year before getting used as guys didnt often grab them from the corners. Did you know one of the main differences is place of manufacture. Fender twin reverb guitar amplifiers for sale in stock. Fender was buying speakers from the cheapest supplier they could find, you get what you pay for. Oct 15, 20 i just got a 70s silverface fender twin reverb that needs a little tlc. Weber speaker upgrade for fender deluxe reverb reissue. Ive wanted a silverface twin or pro reverb since i was a. The fender twin reverb silverface was introduced in 1968 as an update to the classic fender twin reverb blackface. I enjoyed the stock blue label fender speakers that the amp came with, but i always felt the speakers had a little bit to much low mids.

Fender twin reverb silverface 1974, video, oxford 12t610 speakers. Surfing the various forums, ive learned that this mastervolume edition of the twin is one of the most unfairly, to me maligned designs. Unfollow silverface deluxe reverb to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Apr 24, 2011 the silverface twin reverb amps from 1967 and 1968, which contained the original blackface design, are not nearly as collectable as the 1967 twin reverb with blackface cosmetics. Premium blackface mod kits for your silverface fender amplifier. Below is a 65 blackface twin reverb with its oxford 12t6 speakers. Fender twin reverb silverface 5w it11 audio tonegeek. The blackface twin reverb came originally with jensen c12n, oxford 12t6 or jbl d120f. Silverface deluxe reverb speaker choice srvsayce tone. By the way, did you notice the new reissure silver face amps. Ul ot, high voltages, bright cap on mv pot make this amp definitely too bright for me.

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